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Goalkeeping 101 

Train the Way the Professional Soccer Goalkeepers Want to Train!

Private lessons focus on developing specific areas of a player's game.  The sessions are carefully planned and structured to maximize repetition and enhance skill development.


Iranian National Team Goalkeeper Coach

Former Portugal National Team Goalkeeper Coach

New York Red Bulls/US National Team

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Toronto FC

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Celebrating our 26th Year in 2019!

- Todd Hoffard

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Whether it is the first time goalkeeper or the full professional goalkeeper, we provide the appropriate technical training needed to succeed in the modern game.  Various levels of programs to suit all goalkeepers.  


all that it takes is one mistake, and we will likely lose.  I truly feel that this is the best position in the world and it takes a special individual to be willing to become a goalkeeper.  I congratulate you on the decision to become a goalkeeper and wish you nothing but the best in your career!​


Get a glimpse of the type of Goalkeeper Training that you will receive at ONE on ONE Goalkeeping!  This is a first hand look at what our philosophy and training looks like at our camps.

Training with Todd Hoffard's curriculum and staff has been proven over 26 years to make you a better goalkeeper!  

"Practice DOES NOT make Perfect...PERFECT PRACTICE makes PERFECT!"

"Coach Todd Hoffard is a complete world class goalkeeper coach. I believe he is one of the best goalkeeper coach who had  trained me. He had facilitated my transition from MLS into the European leagues after just working with him for one season. Overall he has a great personality and very easy to work with."
- Bouna Coundoul

Welcome to ONE on ONE Goalkeeping, our 26th year in 2019! For the past 25 years, we have had the great fortune to train thousands of goalkeepers and help them achieve their dreams.  Whether you are the first time goalkeeper, or an experienced pro searching for additional training, we accommodate the specific needs of everyone! 

​The position that we play revolves around pressure and in order to succeed, you must embrace the challenge and work extremely hard to master your craft.  For 

Todd Hoffard





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Senegal National Team

"I've been involved at all levels of goalkeeper education and development for the past 35 years. Todd Hoffard is an outstanding professional.  One of the best I've been fortunate to work with. Fantastic leadership skills and impeccable role model.  A top expert in goalkeeper knowledge and posses enormous experiences that can impact goalkeepers at any level.  Simply, Todd is the real deal!"
- Dan Gaspar

I have been fortunate to work with national team goalkeepers from around the world and with pros from numerous international pro leagues, including Major League Soccer.  Along with that, I have worked with an endless amount of youth/collegiate goalkeepers.  It does not matter what level you are at, I treat everyone the same.  My goal is to put you in an environment where you can not only be pushed to your limits, but most importantly, to enjoy your training and seek more!

Do not be afraid to set a lofty goal for yourself and GO FOR IT!  Do you want to become the next national team goalkeeper?  If so, why can't you be the next one?  Someone is going to be wearing that #1 shirt in goal for your national team...why not you?  Chase your dreams, train hard and stay humble. You never know, with some hard work, dedication and a lot of belief in yourself, your dreams just might come true!   I look forward to working with you at one of our upcoming programs...

Does your club, organization or group of goalkeepers have a need for a goalkeeper clinic, camp or season-long training?  You interested in our Winter Training?  We can provide whatever you need.


The Goalkeeper Handbook is filled with over 80 complete training sessions for the goalkeeper or coach to take to the training field! This is a one of a kind type of book that gives you 30-60 minute complete training sessions. Every session in this book has been tried and tested on professional, collegiate and youth goalkeepers over the past 10 years.

“Working with Todd has not only been a good thing for my career, but has increased my poise and confidence as a goalkeeper. His coaching experience blends well with his personality as he creates an environment of teaching with attention to each goalkeepers needs.”
- Luis Robles 


“Todd Hoffard is one of the best goalkeeper coaches in this country. His holistic approach enables goalkeepers to reach their full potential, to excel at whatever level they are at, and to reach limits previously unknown. I was fortunate to work under Todd and recommend everyone to seek him out. ”
- Clint Irwin

Director:  Todd Hoffard - Coaching at Real Salt Lake